May 3, 2016

Sibu Tales : Bang Ngii Chiang

When we were \young our uncles would always use their jala to get these small fish in the evenings when they returned from work.

This fish is called Bang Ngii Chiang. Later I learned from the Ibans the fish is called ikan ensuluai.

It is a very tasty and sweet fish. Coated in batter they fry well and become very crispy ..But just deep fried in lots of oil, they become light and crispy, the heads and bones can all be eating.

Aunts and uncles used to joke with us girls that we must always marry a "big fish" and never a bang ngii chiang. Nevertheless not many of us had the fortune of marrying big fish. But we survive by working extremely hard as civil servants, teachers and nurses. Only a few of us became towkay neo.

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