June 10, 2016

Sarawakian Local Delights : How Rice is dried traditionally in the Ulu

Here is an Iban word for you to learn before it becomes obsolete in the fast changing world.

Pantar - is the wooden or bamboo platform in the longhouse which is a substitute for the tanju Open deck of the longhouse, and a part of the old longhouse architecture. 

Here I am wearing a Tanggoi (Iban hat),using a wooden pemaut padi to spread the rice grains to dry evenly.

 It is scorching hot at about 10 in the morning. No wonder my sister in law Pantan gets all sun burnt throughout the year.

 If you wish to get a good sun tan, just do this job. Two in one ...You can contribute to the economy of the longhouse.

 Drying the rice is a tough job and you have to pay attention. The moment the rain clouds hoover overhead you have to put all the grains into baskets and carry them to the store house. 

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Anonymous said...

Geeting sun burn will increase your risk of getting skin cancer!

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