September 7, 2016

Sarawakian Local Delights : The Iban Woman Oil Palm Smallholder

this is my Iban friend's mother, Indai Patrick. She has inherited a plot of land from her grandmother in Niah and has been cultivating oil palms for more than 5 years. Her husband is a Chinese civil servant from Kuching. Both have been working hard in the small holding at their spare time.

today, the family is enjoying the fruits of their labour.
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A staunch Roman Catholic, she makes sure that her children and grand children come together to say their prayers and attend MASS whenever they can. One day they will get their own vehicle. At the moment she is strong enough to carry all these to a small Ford f-wheel, which she pays 50 ringgit per load.

"In the past she and her parents depended on padi, rubber and jungle products. Today, oil palm is No.1 Cash Crop," she told me.

May God bless you and your honest labour!!


sleongt123 said...
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tls123 said...

Hello! Thank you for your beautiful blog. (Sorry that this comment is not directly related to your post).
I'm a young one with Southern Chinese ancestry, Teochew and Cantonese to be precise, of which is coming from Malaysia like yourself (peninsular Malaysia in my case).

Knowing nowadays the situation of Mandarin washing (sadly) of all the beautiful Southern Chinese languages (ie SPECIFICALLY those of Guangdong and Fujian and only from those 2 provinces is what I'm interested in), I naturally took to learning more about the Foochow/Hokchiu culture.

I just had one question for you today - I know well that all Southern Chinese peoples and cultures from Guangdong/Fujian province (at least Minnan of Fujian) call themselves 唐人 (Tang people) - specifically the following peoples: Cantonese, Minnanese (Amoy), Teochew, Toisanese, Hakka.

I was wondering if Foochow/Hokchiu people also call themselves 唐人?

I have been wondering this for a while.
I'm trying to figure out just which groups from Southern China call themselves 唐人 . So far, conclusively, it seems everyone from Guangdong and Fujian do (knowing history reasons of migration form the North due to Northern invaders, etc.)

Later, hope to also learn the Hokchiu/Foochow language (Eastern Min), knowing of its history in the diaspora (like all the Southern Chinese varieties above) and I wonder just how similar it is to Southern Min (Amoy and Teochew languages...)

Thanks again for your beautiful blog, take care!

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