February 2, 2018

Sibu Tales : Chinese Black Grass Jelly

Today you can easily buy a canned drink called grass jelly or cincau.

But this packaging is the original made in China grass jelly.

It is easy to make. Just boil the dried "grass" and soon the black jelly will set. It is hard to explain how grass can become jelly-o like.

We were living in Brooke Drive and every mother would go and pluck the green cincau from some one's back yard. My mother would never get any for reasons best known to herself.

So we would always buy our block of cincau from the Toufoo uncle and make our own cincau drink with condensed milk.

today you can add small pieces of cincau to air bandung, plain cold milk, icecream, chendol, sprite, etc or just any combination and cool down on a hot day.


Anonymous said...

Thought you have to add some tapoica to make it jelly-like? No?

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