May 11, 2009

Good Characters of Fathers

Our Church Camp at the Tropical Rainforest Resort provided me with many good shots which become memorable scenes for my posts.

Here are two special shots which show how much fathers love their families and especially children. With Mother's Day in mind...these two fathers are making the mother of their children very happy indeed.

This is a moment to treasure!! Good character of a good father. Very supportive. Diligence in a father.

See how a caring father feeds the child from a special pot of noodles very patiently....The child will remember moments like this....The mother is deeply appreciative.

Outings are very important to children especially. And it is usually during such events that real character is being built.

Our Church Camp has a wonderful theme (another posting) and a wonderful time was spent by all...I am sure God is smiling above us.

I personally made connections with many new friends and reconnect with older friends.
A connectional church will grow.


ngoh said...

I gain a lot of joy watching fathers carry their children on their shoulders in playgrounds.

And I wish I have such a photo of me and my father.

the best memory of my own father : we went to see this very simple dragon and lion dance and parade in Miri and my father carried me on the shoulders. He died not long after that. When I was on his shoulders and also later I really felt the support he gave me.

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Yes I agree - fathers must play that supportive role. The President of SCAC Rev. Dr. Su gave the example of Pele's father...I will write about that soon.

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