May 11, 2009

Strong Characters of a Mother/Wife

Mothers teach their children gentleness and meekness. In one's family life we practise thriftiness and forgiveness. Likewise a woman or mother exudes patience and wisdom.

In respecting and honouring our husbands we are carrying out our duties as Proverb 31 wife from the teachings of the Bible. Another strong character for women to have is endurance.

As a joyful wife we always help our husbands to have a great birthday each year!!

Here sister Jessie is helping her busband brother Dasline cut his birthday cake which falls on 9th May just one day before Mother's Day.

So the little ceremony in the Church camp drives home many characters we must have as Methodists!! Jessie comes from a strong family of Foochow Methodist pioneers who came to Sibu in 1901 with Wong Nai Siong!

The whole camp enthusiastically celebrated two birthdays and that was really good.


chung said...

I wish for all wives out there they are Proverb 31 women......may they be the jewels of their family...

Anonymous said...

Most men think they marry good wives. It really depends on many outside factors. Some women change after a while. Some women remain true. My own mother is a good wife. I like to see her happy and she deserves our love and respect.

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Yes women who follow
Biblical teachers are like Jewels to their family....I too wish that all women keep their paths straight and focus on godly ways.

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Anon - here I wish all men would find good spouses and similarly all women could find good spouses too...women are not meant to be sandbags for punching practices or targets for sparring...women are good and equal partners/mates in life and for life!! Many older women had hard I do agree that they deserve good rewards towards the end of their lives.

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