July 12, 2009

Basketball Teams of Sibu of Yesteryears

I have finally managed to get hold of two very precious photos: basketball teams of yester years of Sibu from my old family photo albums.

In the olden days a very formal photo would be taken to commemorate the playing of basketball with other divisions in the Sarawak Open Tournaments. It was quite a ritual to have a formal photo taken with the sponsors too who will come forth in their formal attire.

And a lovely photo would also be taken of the individual teams e.g. the Methodist Girls' Team. I like the characters printed on the shirts of the players. When I was young I used to feel very very proud whenever I saw the two words Wei Li (Methodist ) on t-shirts or singlets and later when I was a student playher myself we wore very simple white t-shirts with English word "Methodist". By the time I was a student we were not allowed to be privately sponsored as our school had become a government aided school and most of the time we had to pay out of our own pockets for our own t-shirts. School players were given school t-shirts to wear when they represented the school.

Two of the players in the photo are my aunts Greta Lim-Chang Kui Sieng (Kuching)and Judy Chua-Tiong Hong Sieng (Hong Kong). On the front row is Miss Saroha Mamora who is now residing in London. Greta and Miss Mamora were teachers of the Methodist School after they graduated for several years. Both of them were my teachers!

Such photos are always treasures in one's photo albums to be kept for future generations to generate warm memories.

Dear Readers can you identify the people in my photos?


Daniel Yiek said...

I always enjoyed the rivalry between Sibu and Kuching in basketball and volleyball. I follow them in See Hua Daily News then before Borneo Post was started.

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Basketball and volleyball remain two of the best games played by Sibu-ians. So many of the past players even represented Sarawak. Today the limelight seems to have gone out. We know Yao Ming better because of TV. And many cannot read Chinese. So many of the Chinese players in Malaysia are not known to the general public. Our games unfortunately are also divided by language!!

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