August 9, 2009

5- kilogram pineapples @ RM16 from Miri

Just a short post today!

Have you seen bigger pineapples? These two are 5 kg. each and sold at RM16.00 a fairly good price in a corner mini market near my home.

These are nenas pound or local pineapples which are very sweet and succulent. They help make excellent asam fish too.

With lots of help from organic chemical fertilizers and burning of soils local farmers can become excellent modern farmers.

Farming is still a good occupation! And I think more people should start growing fruits.


Ah Ngao said...

yeah,i've seen these biggies at our local weekend market at Satok road.they weighs like what you said - a whooping 5-6kg..!it seems like pineapple season in Kuching,a lot of those local species - paun nenas.

Sarawakiana@2 said...

When you see excellent fruit like this you thank your luccky stars that our farmers can still grow them and we can still eat them!

But have to pay through the nose...however if you really think about the price 3.50 rm for a is still cheaper than apples...which by the time we eat are many months old...may be no more vitamin C....

Nice of you to write!!

Anonymous said...

This is Justin here. When we were growing up my grandmother used to plant lots of nenas paun and sireh to supplement my grandfather's police income. Our kampong house had a huge compound and only nenas could grow well. So I have very fond memories of this fruit and of course of what she did for us. But she never grew her pineapples this big....I think either it is the new species or the fertilizer.
Thanks for the SWEET memories!! hahahaha

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Hi Justin
How is the haze treating you?
Yes I remember many of the kampong folks whether they are Malay or Melanau they would grow a lot of nenas paun in their garden.

Another fruit that they liked to grow was star fruit.

I used to buy star fruit from a family in Kampong Nyabor in Sibu. We had our own nenas too.

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