August 7, 2009

Simple Dish : Foochow Minced Pork with Egg and Garlic Topping

My family used to have this dish on the table very often as it was one of the easiest dishes to cook. Whenever I miss my children who have all flown from the nest I will cook this dish and ask a friend to come and share some food. I even bought a smaller enamel bowl for such an occasion. In the past some of the bowls were even not big enough for the family! We even had two huge bowls of soup or two chickens instead of one. It was a time to multiply or add. Now it is time to reduce and resize!!

I am beginning to acquire some small bowls and utensils. This will happen to most mothers who experience the empty nest.

The bigger utensils and bowls can only be taken out for big occasions or when the children come home. Time flies and lifestyle changes. Sigh.....

For this two person recipe you need two eggs and about RM 3 worth of minced pork. Use about one whole clove of garlic (smashed a little and take the skin away).
Prepare a small enamal bowl. The dessert spoon here gives you the scale.

Mix the minced pork with some salt and water. Add the eggs and beat them a little mixing with the meat. Add a bit of pepper if you like. (Some mothers would also add a little chopped Tong Chai and spring onions.)

Steam over a high fire in a steamer or makeshift saucepan with a lid for about 20 minutes or longer until the egg is white and the fluid tastes good (no more blood).

This is the fine texture of the steamed pork.

This is the fun part. When almost all is gone and there is some more rice left - scoop rice into the remaining portion of the sauce and "bowl sticker" and mix the rice...good to the last spoon! My friend said she used to do that when she was young too. And the most loved child would get the "bottom of the bowl" as the bonus of the meal. That extra drop of sauce and that extra little bit of meat sticking to the side of the bowl was just so wonderful and memorable!! Sometimes we cannot forget the good bits of our childhood experiences.

A feel good dish for the family!! And also a good and easy dish for children who are staying at university hostels! And it is so easy to prepare minced meat with just a nice Chinese chopper!!

Give it a try.


Yan said...

That's one of my dishes here in KK. Next time, try using a half portion of minced beef and pork each - just wonderful! You can also soak a slice of bread in small amount of milk and added in too.

That's very homely dish!

Sarawakiana@2 said...

You are very innovative while I stick to my garlic which I use perhaps all too often!!

Hope all is well with the haze and all....Appetite is not good when there is bad weather. So hope you are eating well.

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Sorry ooops will try the various methods...

I have eaten one that has oysters and carrots ...

Anonymous said...

Nice of you to post this one. I learned from my classmate how to do this dish using a pyrex dish (three eggs and enough minced prok to fill the dish). My recipe is for a family and it is really good with some dried prawns too. I use some pepper and 1 taufoo cake to make it go further...hehehe.

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Dear Jane

Nice of you to visit. This is indeed a good dish to make whenever you are quite free and perhaps even a little tired.

I forgot to write why I use whole pips of garlic instead of chopped garlic. You see we all like to have our garlic whole and eat it like a nut or vegetable. Well chopped garlic just disappear in the meat! Hope it does not look rough/gross to you.

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