November 23, 2009

Disappearing Old Miri : Wooden Folding Shop Doors

I am going to start perhaps something called Disappearing Old Miri (DOM) in my blog.

It will consist of images I take of Miri - of things - of people - and of buildings which I think will soon disappear or fade away from our memories.

Before it is too late - here is one : those old foldable wooden slats which our elders designed as convenient walls and doors to protect the shop fronts. I don't think there are many left.

Behind these wooden slats or foldable doors are two units of small shops. Each shop is owned by a shopkeeper who has been serving here for more than 30 years. So it is really very historical to talk to them and ask them about their views - they have seen Miri growing and changing. But their shops remain quaintly aged but very unique.

Our memories are made pleasant by these.

These foldable doors only remind that in the olden days security and safety was just a padlock and chain. And wood was strong enough to keep thieves away.

How simple life could be.


Anonymous said...

Yeah - Nice post - anyway not many bothers today about this really - children like KFC and computer games. Women like jewellery shops - I like my new kopitiam and kaya toast...

Old shopkeepers very moody...(don't get me wrong). This is just my comment.


Anonymous said...

Yeah...I totally agree with yur idea,it is really amazing also to include pictures of Miri town from the 60's to the 80's because almost all of the buliding exist then are no more exist today.For me who was born in Miri in the 60's would appreciated very much if anybody could share the picture I mention above, to recall the good old days. said...

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