April 20, 2010

Fisherman's Stall @ Luak Bay

When you live along Luak Bay in Miri you are blessed by your neighbours who are fishermen and fisherwomen. Wahid and his wife are good friends. And now I am amazed by young Laila who lives just five minutes from my house.Laila's husband is like Wahid. He owns a powerful boat and goes to the South China Sea almost every day weather permitting. Laila gets to sell the fresh fish...eyes still winking and mouth still opening and closing. Very often she has garupa...

My morning time photos of Laila and her fish ....


William said...

Big fish! They are worth a lot of money! I like those fish but can't afford to buy them. I thought that I am only buying protein and if they are from the fish, the only difference is the taste. LOL.

William said...

By the way, at least I can now put comment here. Your last template will create havoc to my browser.

Ah Ngao said...

wah liew man...! these kerapu sure're big and looks fresh.they're my fav's fish - most Cantonese loves kerapu( set pang).favourites fish in Hong Kong too.i think the fisherman must be fishing at some rocky spot where kerapu thrives

Gerald said...

VERY fresh! Do you live by the beach? Walking distance from the fish stalls? Maybe you can write about how you cooked your fish after purchasing it.

I'm keen in Iban cooking. I've only tasted 'lulun'(sp?)and it came in the bamboo, my son had a friend specially cook for him. Very tasty, and I'm impressed with the concept of cooking and not having to wash pots after. Although I'm still wondering where the young lady got her bamboo big enough to hold so much chicken in KL.

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Hi William
Some garupa weighing less than l kg can be cheaper e.g. at 20 ringgit a kg. The bigger ones have bigger price..Garupa weighing 3 kg and above can be priced at RM30 per kg. Because I live next to the beach I usually go for the l kg version - 20 ringgit for the whole l kg. Hope the price won't go up.

Sarawakiana@2 said...

William...still masih ada masalah...could be an internet problem together with my template....

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Ah Ngao
Laila's husband seems to be very lucky with garupa or siak pan...we have to try our luck though because they are snapped up as soon as they are landed. Some buyers even wait for the boat with their legs in the water to claim their fish!! Like you said they snap up the good garupa immediately. I was lucky that day to be third in the queue and photographed the whole lot but bought one of the smaller ones... Tasted just as good and made my friend's mother very very happy.

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Dear Gerard
I live just within walking distance of the beach and take my morning walks to enjoy the sea air. On a lucky day like this I meet happy Laila and Mrs. Wahid..The fishers sell direct to the consumers (those who drive to work and those mothers who drive home....) On Sundays whole families come to the beach and even wade into the water to catch the "boats". It is fun..

the fish along this stretch of the beach is very fresh. There is another kampong (Bakam) furtherup the road where a larger fisher population dwell.

I will show some posts later. My steaming style is Foochow. I do "lulun" (bamboo) when we have catfish or river fish like tapah.

I would like to know where your son's friend get her bamboo too...I have two daughters in KL.

Thanks for visiting.

Free Bird said...

I'd like to know where to get bamboo in KL. According to a cousin in KL too he says that he bamboo here is old and it burns. I managed to get some bamboo a long time ago but I had to go really far in Ulu Yam to get the biggest and freshest possible bamboo.

I miss having fresh fish. Its so difficult to make umai here in KL.

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