May 26, 2010

Bakelyn in Bandar Seri Begawan

My friends Olivia and Honey Bee went along with me to Bandar Seri Begawan a week ago and we stopped by Bakelyn Bake Shop for a snack. For me it was my first visit so I was pretty impressed by the " greenery" and eco-friendly decor in this trendy upstairs cake and snack outlet! Actually the windows were the first to impress me as they gave the outlet a large spatial feel.

The music was pretty good and many of the songs brought an air of nostalgia to the cafe too and I am sure this would appeal to a large spectrum of customers. I never like the loud music often heard in our part of the world.

The the food was elegantly served by a nice waiter who kept smiling. I wonder if it was his smile that cheered us up or the nice tea which was served in a tea set which was  a shade of a lovely green and black. The tea set reminds me of some very classical Japanese earthenware and there is this fine touch of earth and forest.

Obviously Olivia was pleased. She has been here many times.It is nice to be back she said.

Tea came with some biscuits which were fresh and crunchy.

The windows  let in a good light and there were flowers in the window boxes. Very delicate and very European.

I ordered one portion of Vietnamese spring rolls.  Came out in threes and just nice for the three of us. Delicate again and very fresh. The coriander and basil within the roll gave the rolls a distinctive Vietnamese flavour. If only they could serve some really good sauce to go with them.

 We also ordered a pasta carbonera. Well done!! Creamy and not at all heavy.

Bakelyn is  not exactly a new bakery at Kiulap, just next to Baiduri Bank. It was opened sometime in 2007.

You would like the cake display even though there are not many choices. You can order fudge cakes and an array of other chocolate cakes.  Their cakes are usually $40 per kg.

The menu is pretty decent with a good selection of pasta and several Asian/Asean items.

You can spend a quiet afternoon with friends upstairs (for a change).
The other customers were politely quiet when we were there. And I really think that was a nice and appealing feature of this cafe.

It would have been even nicer if the rain had come down heavily and I could watch the raindrops on the beautiful windows.


Ann said...

Usu the Vietnamese serve their rice paper rolls with a chilli lemon fish sauce. I think it is the sauce that makes it nice.

If it rains, and you and your girl friends sit in the shop the whole day, the shop owner would shake his head, three aunties using up a whole table for the whole day, and he is too polite to tell you to go. LOl

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Dear Ann
I would appreciate the chilli lemon fish sauce...if you have...

Yeah...three aunties - ordered one pot of tea (free flow refill some more I did not tell)...and ate the rolls and pasta slowly.....praying for rain. Next time I will bring my Bidayuh snail shells instrument....hahahahaha

Ah Ngao said...

i loves sitting by the window side and watches the raindrops fall - at times its an aesthetic feels

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Ah Ngao...

You are a very romantic type!! So when you next see raindrops on your windows you would probably write a poem for your wife??

I hope in the future more of our windows in Sarawak would also have lovely flower boxes...Did you get to see some in Perth?

Ann said...

You can make your own sauce,

fish sauce, sugar, lemon or lime juice, corriander leaves, ginger.

I think that was what my See Fu told me, but them, I was a lousy student and don't listen carefully.

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Hi Ann
Thanks...I will try to experiment...lovely sauce with lemons always....Will do for Gawai


Ah Ngao said...

mmmm....,actually my wife did complained that i'm not at all romantic.younno why ? i seldom buy her roses during Valentine's Day - i told her very sayang lui .beginning she was a bit agitated but later,she realized what i said was true.i told her everyday is Valentine's Day for me as long we don't quarrel!(hohoho...)
oh yeah,they do have very nice flower boxes just outside the cafe or restaurant windows.some very nice ones at King Street.

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Ah are a real romantic at heart...every day is Valentine's Day. Your wife is a lucky woman...

I must not drive in cities which have window boxes full of flowers....I will go kit kong clang...bump...bang....screech....over even drive up t he kerb...

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