June 7, 2010

Kutien City

Many of the older Kutien people of Sibu have good memories of their home villages in and around Kutien. In fact many of the rich families have already gone to Kutien and built homes for their Kutien relatives in the past decade or so. The Tings and the Lings for example have mansions and so do many of the Hiis and Wongs.

The ties of the Kutiens of Sibu and those of Kutien are still very strong and perhaps even stronger with better modern communication and transportation.

Although I am not a Kutien I find the villages and city of Kutien exceptionally attractive and vibrant. These are the new modern high rise buildings of the main streets. And the people are remarkably similar to those Kutien people I know in Sibu - hardworking and willing to anything to earn a good living.

The Radio and TV Company of Kutien (In fact China has more than 200 TV channels for the people to choose from).

One of the roundables in Kutien and its business centres.

Main street - girls in jeans - like any one else in the world.

The three wheel taxi is still functional and very useful.

Street vendors are in thousands.

Mobile vendors are popular sights.


Ann said...

You should have gone to visit a "Sibu" house. The people from Nanyang are very rich.

I like those red tuk tuk lookalike.

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Hahahaha...Ann I was in a group with a very specific programme. I was so tempted to have a look at a "rich" house...I was like a country mouse visiting a town mouse....Do you know that some of the facilities in the best toilets are unbelieveable? And they are public ones for tourists....I only wish that I had enough memory card and space for all the little "sidelines" that I was interested in...next time I would bring a camera for knick knacks for my personal photo diary. hahahah....

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