July 19, 2010

Jamilah and Tony at the Wheels of Miri

Two homegrown singers from Miri are teacher Tony Unja and his student from Marudi - Jamilah.

Ladies first!! Mila has a very powerful voice. You can hear her singing at the Wheels near the new channel to the sea in Miri. A very friendly singer she can entertain you with her voice as well as her stories....She usually brings a lot of cheer to all who drop by for nice music and some good drinks.

On top of that she has raised her kids on her own and according to her she has tried her best to be a doting and supportive mother. When one of them was in Form Four he would come every night with her when she sang....and sold satay while waiting for her to finish her work!! Good lady! Good son!!

Tony has been a singer since young. I first heard him singing in SMK Limbang where I taught him. He has a good guitar playing style and harmonises well with any one who is a good singer. I think he can really sing all the Rod Steward songs!! He has been playing in many pubs in Miri but he is a full time teacher and has been raising a great family too!! Keep it up Tony!!

He "discovered Jamilah " when he taught her in Marudi and many years later when he was looking for a female voice and she was looking for a job too he brought her to join his band - D Tracks. A well known group was thus formed.

Tony and Jamilah have tried their best to have a good side line and promote their own talents. The public should support them as much as possible.

Stars are made!! Even though many are born....Look at how AKademi Fantasia make singers famous...or how American Idol has made Jennifer Hudson famous....

So whenever you feel a little down and need a little pick me up in Miri....go and listen to Tony and his band!! The band also includes a law graduate- turn- teacher and an engineer.

We all think that these two should be making their own CDs and be recognised.



Ah Ngao said...

at first glance,i thought Mila is from the Broadway musical - Triller ! kekeke

Sarawakiana@2 said...

She is great....and a star from Miri.

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Sarawakiana, very interesting duo. They sing oldies? Or Sarawak songs?
Have fun and keep well, Lee.

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Hi Uncle Lee
Is it Summer already?
They sing all kinds of songs. Tony is very country songs type. Jamilah is more Rock...I do think that she can be a very good jazz singer..She is good with Indonesian and Filipino songs.

The Wheels has made a name in Miri.

Keep whistling....

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