August 16, 2010

Ambrose Tiong

It is indeed a sad day for my large extended family to note yet another passing of a dear one. He was 68 - still too young to pass on. Our family will miss him.

My first cousin Ambrose passed away after a short battle with throat cancer  13th August at 2:00pm. His funeral Mass will be on Tuesday 17th August at 11:00 am at Christ The King Catholic Church at Corner of Greers Road and Memorial Avenue. 

There will daily Rosary Recital at their home at 375A Yaldhurst Road, Avonhead. 

His widow Doreen Tiong  would appreciate it in lieu of flowers, that friends and relatives would  place a donation to Nurse Maude Hospice.

Friends and relatives can either go to the Hospice at Mansfield Avenue and the receptionist will be able to help you, or a collection box will be placed at the foyer of the church on funeral day.

  And I hope Psalm 23 will comfort all of you who are close to him....

The Lord is My Shepherd I shall not want.....

Yea though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I shall fear no evil........

Our cousin Ambrose Tiong Hock Kiat was a very practical and humourous man. He was good at making friends and even better a making relatives laugh in the old fashion Foochow way. As the youngest son of my second uncle Tiong Siew King he had his share of bullies and struggles as part of growing up. But he was never demoralised. He went on to be a good Boys Scout and an adventurer crossing jungle paths and travelling up Sarawak rivers as part of his work in plantation development. Life was good and fulfilling.

It was not too long ago that he said that "We are now getting closer to becoming elders in our family." It was good that he reminded us - the third generation members of our family. We are getting into the age of having grand children and our hair was really getting very grey!! But with his great laughter we became children again in our hearts.

This photo above is his profile photo/ face on Facebook - it is just as hard to erase him from facebook as from our lives. He may be gone but he will always be a part of our family and history. I have really liked to see his face on Facebook. It would be like he is still there for you and I. It is like he is there on the alert for all of us.

Happy days with family. Doreen and he spent more than 40 years together. A devout Catholic from Kuching Doreen has always been strong and charming at the same time. Both have always been generous with their time and are willing to spend quality time with family.

He was a very  respectful and filial to his elders - polite to all around. Like a true Boy Scout - he was always so helpful and thoughtful. The elders loved having him around. I would always remember the days he spent with his parents in Bintang Lane in Sibu always hovering around his elderly parents and being very attentive.

I like this photo of him in his cap and his white beard...he looked so much like our great wise and so learned......

When we were young we had this family photo taken.........He is the tall little lithe young boy standing straight on the left of my grandfather. He had dreams too to be the best he could be....This photo was taken for my grandfather's 70th birthday in Sungei Merah.

He may be gone now but his face will always be in our minds.

Rest in peace and in the Lord my Cousin. You are just moving on ahead of us!!


Ann said...

Family photos like this is so good.

Will his wife Doreen remain in Christchurch?

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Hi Ann
I think she will be there...they have been in CC for more than 20 years! She is a toughie.

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Peter Lau is the little boy in the pale short pants standing to the "right" of my grandfather. Can you recognise me? Front person between me and my grand dad...Chang Sing is on my left next to me . My mum is carrying my brother and is expecting Chang Yin.

Anonymous said...

Hi Auntie ChangYi

My mother mentioned about your post regarding Uncle Ambrose. My condolence to your family. My dad and I attended his funeral. I wasn't around when Brian passed away either. We were university mates.

Please send my regards to Mrs Tiong (Agnes). She was my primary school teacher and Godmother but I've lost touch with her for well over 2 decades now. I'll be in Miri at the end of December and will give you a call. My apologies for not getting in touch with you last year so fingers crossed neither my daughter and I will fall sick again this time.

Kind regards

Chocolate, Cookies & Candies said...

Oops, I meant, my dad and mother attended his funeral.

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Thanks Marlene.
It was very touching funeral. I have received the church programme for the service. So International and so Multi-racial. Just what Uncle Ambrose would like.

I will try to get Eugene Tiong (in facebook) and get his mother's address and phone contact in Singapore.

Mrs.Agnes Tiong is one of my favourite in-laws...

Hope to see you in Dec then!

God bless.

sarawakajuaba said...

Hi Cousin Yi Thank you for the wonderful blog you wrote on Ambrose. And in answer to Ann's question, yes I will be staying on in Christchurch. How could I leave the country I have adopted and learned to love. Besides, how could I leave Ambrose & Bryan? Any by the way can you enlightened me as to who is Ann and who is Marlene. She mentioned her parents were at the funeral? I would like to thank them personally.

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Hi D
Marlene's mum is from Sibu and I think you can click on her name above and pass your note of thanks.
You can do the same with Ann's name. Ann lives in Auckland and she was born in Sibu and a junior to me in my old school.she is a lovely person and has a heart of gold. I will let Ann and Marlene know about yourwishes. wishing you the best of everything. May God bless of these days i will visit you..

sarawakianaii said...

Dear D Ah Soh

Marlene is now residing in the UK although her parents are still in you would be able to meet up with her parents after you get to know who they are...Click on chocolates....

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