September 6, 2010

Alfred and His 12 kilogram Fish!!

It is not every day you see a young fisherman carrying a twelve kilo prize catch(ikan selungsong or barramundi or siakap or jin mu ru)) next to your car!! And you happen to have your camera with you.

Alfred a very friendly Brunei young man who is a hobby fisherman caught this beauty on a Sunday morning...from a little place called Danau (which is an estuary south of Bandar the capital of Brunei Darusallem). This was indeed a not to be missed opportunity for me.

While he was busy unloading and chatting with one passerby I asked him for permission to take a photo of him and his catch telling him in one quick gasp that I was going to keep the photo as a really good souvenir and for my blog!! He happily consented and gave me his name too.

I was quite tempted to ask if any one could take a photo of me and Alfred with the beauty. But no one else was sporting enough near me.... and I saw this one man who was really having a "foul face" near by!!

Probably he was thinking of intellectual property and the appropriateness of this old lady making a fuss out of a fish!!

 I really thought we should do justice to both Alfred and the fish!! So here you are...two great photos of Alfred and his fish....  hooked by one single line with a light rod and in a short time too in the might be jealous...mightn't you?

Well we can say that there are fishes swimming in the Brunei estuaries which are as long as from the ground to the waist and the size of the fish is as big as one's thigh!! This is the more " figurative " or metaphorical way of talking about fish in this part of the world.

I do wish Alfred the best of luck and a good Sunday outing always....Hope to see you with your catch on a  Sunday...! My uncle said that you must pray harder on Saturday evening in church and God will bless you with a good catch.

Cheers to fish and all fishing hobbyists of Brunei!!


Ann said...

Hi CY,

Did you give him my phone number? LOL

Incredible. Is the fish good to eat?

You were not thick skin to ask to be invited home to sample his fish? LOL

May be he doesn't want to eat it but to mount it so he can have it forever and ever,

Peter said...

Indeed a very good catch. Furthermore it was caught on Brunei estuary. Compare to Miri water way at the waterfront, rubbish can be seen and the water polluted. What a eye sore and sad for a city they named resort:(

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Hi Ann
It would have been quite an indecent proposal...LOL..but I am sure he was heading towards May Fang restaurant which offers steamboat and good Tom Yam Fish soup...I must ask the towkay neo for Alfred's resume...kekekeke

I wonder what it would be like to mount a fish that size...Give me your phone number just in case Alfred gets a bigger one this coming Sunday....

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Hi Peter...I have been told that the Brunei estuaries are really clean and good fishing grounds. Sg. Belait is even better....and the Jerudong Fish Market is really one of the best I have been too...the squids are so fresh...and the fish have fins which are still flapping!! I think the people there are still very environmentally friendly....

Sarawakiana@2 said...

This is a good sweet and fleshy fish..don't know what it is called in English. I think the Hokkiens call it Golden Thread. I might be wrong too.

There is one fish that is called tiga gigi...and others call it jarang gigi.. It is a very nice fish too..nice with tou cheo.

sintaicharles said...

Nice blog, Sarawakiana.

I am Lo, your ex-student. Do you still remember me?

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Hi Lo...of course I remember you....still remember that you can sing very well too...Now you are writing better...

Uncle Lee said...

HOLY SMOKE! Now thats what I call fishing! I'd love to join Alfred on his next trip.
THAT IS A BIG ONE! Beautiful fish too. Makan ta'habis!
I really love fishing too, go when ever can.....though we go after 30 pounder Salmons or Lake Trouts.
My wife stopped me bring home the Salmon I catch, "too big for the fridge", ha ha.

Hey, I'm getting several cheeky, naughty emails both from ladies and men who have diplomatic relations with me....they read your comment and laughing, joking what the wife should do! Arhaaaa ha ha. Some of their ideas really hilarious too.
You have a nice day, Lee.

Bengbeng said...

Looks like u have landed yrself a big fish aka Alfred hehe. How i wish i were in his shoes with that whopper of a fish as a catch. I can imagine i would take shot after shot of me with that fish n let the whole world see it :D Grin ** ^^ ** ^^

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Dear Uncle Lee
It is definitely a big fish..I am sure you have had your fun eating all that salmon which are too big for the fridge....but you must always go home at the right time to enjoy all those cakes...And may all those men who do not know when to go to bed suffer unmentionable deaths. Have a good week!! And continue whistling! Brunei still has lots of fish for you to catch.

Sarawakiana@2 said...

I hope I will be able to catch more of Alfred and his prize catches....
Must take a fellow photographer with me too so that I can get myself photographed with the big ones...kekekeke