September 3, 2010

Big Boat Small Boat

Tugboats have always fired my imagination and creativity.

In Sibu and then later in Miri I learn a bit about tugboats as I often watch them by the river banks when taking my evening walks. .Basically tugboats perform three functions. Tugboats tow ships from the sea into the harbour. Some also tow large vessels berthed in smaller channels 0ut into the sea. Sometimes they tug ocean liners which are in trouble to safety.

The Miri River is small so bigger boats or ships are not allowed to start their engines.

The tugboat usually works rather slowly and surely.

Tugboat pulling the bigger vessel slowly out.

Tugboats are usually small in size but they are powerful. So it is important that we recognise the real worth of person before we judge him by his size.

The Bahasa Malaysia saying " Chili padi" has a resounding message in our lives. Never judge a person by his size. His character may be very strong and very resilient like chili padi or tugboat.

As the sun sets into the horizon and the tugboat completes its work I just wonder whether people who work in the tugboats have stories to share.....There have been several films and even animated films about tugboats and they have fired the imagination of children all over the world.

Can we have a tugboat series in Malaysia too?


wenn said...

true, never judge a book by its cover.

Ann said...

I remember reading your Pulau Kichang recount. My bro Charles was the lawyer for the ship owner.

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Hi Wenn
Yeah...I used to tell my children and students about tug boats...My students depend on the Rejang River in the past..and my children grew up by the Rejang and Baram...

Sarawakiana@2 said...

I didn't know that Charles was the lawyer for the owners of the MV P. Kidjang....he must have a different perspective...Very sad indeed.

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