November 19, 2010

Book Launching in Miri

"The Tastes and Flavours of the Foochows" is a book written by a group of good friends from Sibu. Yi FAng has written many articles as a journalist with Chinese Daily "See Hua Newspapers". Wong meng Lei is the Chief Editor of the Methodist Message and epxerienced journalist and was made chief editor of this book. With many years of writing experience and great knowledge of history he was just the perfect choice to lead the panel of writers for this book project. Steve Ling has been a long time journalist working for newspapers of Sibu. His photographic expertise can be seen gracing the pages of the book. I became part of the team as the translator of the Chinese language materials. During our trip to China in preparation of this book I also collected a lot of information and wrote in English. Thus our bi-lingual book was born !

The book was first shown to the public last week when it was published by the Borneo Publishing Company of Sibu at the World Foochow Association's Cultural Gallery in Salim Road. Teng Yeh Fang and Ting Mei Li are the Gallery Supervisor and Assistant Supervisors. The Gallery showcases Sibu Foochow Community's history and cultural artifacts. The Honorary Curator of the Gallery is Tiong Yong Ching who is himself an artist and businessman.

this book was sponsored by World Foochow Association and was therefore launched on 19th Nov during a special ceremony in Miri where the 3 in l Celebration of World Foochow and Malaysian Foochow together with Sarawak Foochow Associations' Anniversaries are concurrently held over the weekend. Miri is thus overflowing with Foochow tourists from all over the world these few days.

the launching of the book was very low profile with Tan Sri Jimmy Lau cutting a ribbon after two speeches were made. Foochows are more famous for the making of big fortunes than for literary pursuits.

I hope this historical effort will auger well for future bilingual publications from Sibu!!

The book showcases many of the most popular foods of the Foochows including specialties for weddings and other festivals. Photos used were taken in both China and Sibu. As a pictorial collector's book this is truly worth more than the RM18 price tag!! There are a few dishes of the Foochow community which the new generations have not seen before!

An old friend from the newspaper world came to congratulate us and pose for a group photo with the writers and Tiong Yong Ching.

Many book lovers have already shown support by buying several copies and getting the authors to sign!!


igalleries said...


Sarawakiana@2 said...

Thanks...wish you were here in Miri with all of us!! When are you coming to visit Miri?

May be Miri Photographic Society and Sibu one can have a combine activity..cheers

Anonymous said...


Pity we did not know the book was sold in Mega Hotel. The newspapers did not say much about the book selling. So we missed it. Please let us know where to get if not in Sibu.

Also it was holiday already.

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Dear Anonymous
Thanks for writing. Sibu's World Foochow Association office will be selling the books. In Miri you can contact me when you come back from your holidays.

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