November 6, 2010

Coads Green Methodist Church - attend Chapel

The minister in charge of Coads Green Methodist Church is  Rev Margaret Oxenham and services are at ll in the morning and 6.30 in the evening./

Contact Steward:
Mrs M Ridley
01566 782329

Mrs M Butter
01566 782255

Judy and I were able to worship at this church on Sunday 3rd October. with Miss Mona.

This is a lovely path to the church

Miss Mona meeting a church friend in the drive way. He is friendly and humourous in the English way.

this is a pretty collage made by the young children.

At the end of the church service the members were very interested in the Sarawak visitor.

After the service and coffee and tea we were able to take a photograph with Rev Margaret

A very friendly Church organist.

Cross stitched cushions are made by every Church lady. Miss Mona herself made one of these. The patterns are all very different but they are all beautiful. It makes the wooden seats pretty and nice to sit on. Almost all Methodist churches in England has this project over the years.

Usually there are about 60 members worshipping in this church. So when the members hear about Sarawak churches having 200 to 2000 membership they are very surprised!!


wenn said...

looks cool..

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Temp on that day was 14 degrees...We ladies normally like to dress up on I had to leave my sports shoes behind!! And wear a skirt too!!

Cool pics as well.

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