November 4, 2010

Oak Tree

For several days I was mortified by the drying up of the Rajang . Then several members of our community also passed away. Some at great age and some taken while still young.....In our beliefs God knows what is best and He takes and gives life.

Today I will write about one of the greatest trees He has created. And thinking and writing about Oak Trees will put me in a more objective perspective!! I have to remind myself....Chin UP!!

Here it is...about the pleasant  English oak tree. The Oak Tree was in our primary school text book (precisely The Beacon Readers). So we read about the acorns and the beautiful leaves. We learned that the oak wood is a good hard wood. And of course we learned that oak trees have very long lives.

Acorns were keenly "experienced" by my children when they started watching Chip and Dale..a beautiful Walt Disney series. My oldest daughter is Chip with the black nose and my second one is Dale - the one with the red nose....Chipmunks continue to be big in my household. We have often wondered (in Sarawak) whether humans can eat acorns or not.!! Did the Flintstones eat acorns?

When we were in the Methodist primary school the rich timber family lived just across the road from the school. So we could see their drivers polishing the huge (one blue and one white) cars every day. Those were the days when ramin (wood) was king in Sarawak and people got fabulously rich and showed off their timber income by driving their huge cars even though the roads in Sibu were very very short. Their never did manage to go to third or fourth gear.....Later the oldest of the timber family built a huge mansion at the end of Sibu town and their cars had a better running . May be that was why he built a house out there. May be he wanted to start a suburb as he was quite a far sighted man.

So the photos I took of the oak trees and the acorns today help me feel slightly better. May the oak stand tall and proud as a symbol that nature is still in control.

Oak Tree leaves in autumn......

Some of these trees overhanging the country road making "tree tunnels" are very nice indeed. You can feel as though you are driving through an enchanted forest.  Robin Hood may appear any time!!

I try to take lots of pictures while Mona drives through the tree tunnels...I love to see the light at the end of the tunnel. These photos were taken in Cornwall during my recent trip.

(My skin did become extremely shrivelled and papery in the cold )

Look acorns!! Chip and Dale would enjoy them....So I 've got three here...who will have the third one? or the biggest one?


Autumn Belle @ KDP said...

I have enjoyed reading your story about the old oak trees. The tree tunnel is so romantic and sentimental. I really hope that the oaks will live for many generations more so that our future generations can enjoy their splendour and build cherished memories upon their presence. There is something about trees that are so serene and calming. I can imagine the many episodes of life these trees must have witness through the years and decades they stood along the road, sheltering us from the sun and rain.

The Observer said...

this story on oak trees is a beautiful one. I wish that trees similar to the oak trees in malaysia can live as long as the ones you've photographed. Trees are chopped down to make way for roads and also to help lessen the fuss on sweeping dead leaves it seems.

If you're familiar with parts of KL, trees are also taken down because of the crows. it's a strange cycle. the problem with crows here are almost like the problem with asian carp in the US.

Such a pity. it's already very hot over here. it would be nice to have more trees and Chip and Dale can come here for a break and have tea with you and your girls.

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Hi Autumn Belle...nice of you to visit. I feel the same about trees...Animated films like Fern Gully and Pocahontas make trees come alive...and I love the idea...of talking trees and trees which are wise and sympathetic.

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Thanks for dropping by Observer...there should be a better way of getting rid of crows. Cutting down the offending trees(because they seem to be abetting the shitting crime) is like cutting off the nose to spite the face.

Let's have more Chip and Dale tea gatherings in Malaysia...then that will be a true lMalaysia...humans and nature as ONE.

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