May 27, 2011

Ann Chin - Sarawak born Author

This is extra-normal way of introducing a new author from Sibu.

Ann Chin (Chan) Kit Suet was born in the Rajang Valley. Her parents were both Cantonese from the Kwong Tung Pah (now Sg. Salim). I left Sibu in 1970 and she left Sibu in 1975.

How did I get in touch with Ann Chin after 40 years? This is an exceptional cyberspace tale.

In her own words "I.....was googling Billy Abit when I came to Sarawakiana's post on the boys hostel of Methodist school. The more posts I read, the more intrigued I was. I was convinced I knew who the blogger was. But this blogger would not reveal her ID for a long time, until I read the post of the blogger's dad's accident.So I  wrote: CY, I think I know who you are, don't let me stew in my own juice.
Finally, the blogger revealed herself. It was such a happy day, because the blogger was my hero in school.
The rest is history."

I couldn't be more surprised to be connected in this way. Here I was...blogging happily as a retired person who has been worried about Alzheimer's disease and Dementia. Writing a personal journal and taking a cyberwalk cost nothing but truly it has enriched me in more ways than I could believe. And being connected with a dear but long lost friend was really unbelieveable. She was only about 13 or 14 and I was already getting ready for university and the adult stage of my life. When I took off at the Sibu airport for KL I said to myself "I must leave my childhood behind and become a real tough female warrior....and nothing should stop me..."

My precious gem of a friend thus came in the form of Ann chin who encouraged me by her sheer strength and enthusiasm for life and writing via the blogging world in the last two years..

And on my part I am only too happy to help her connect with more people in Sarawak and the rest of the world.

She is no longer the shy little Form One kid in the Methodist School but a nice mature writer and teacher who has been inspiring people who have come in contact with her. She lives a full life in Auckland (New Zealand) .

My Photo
For several years she has been thinking in a very humble way how to get her book published.
Eventually it has come out. And it will be a hit with parents who have lost their children at a young age and for those who empathise with this agony.
Diary of a Bereaved Mother

For those who would like to know more about this Sibu born daughter of Cantonese ancestry she has done more than her share to serve Sarawak. You can read an article about her interview in a local newspaper or go to

Ann has been away from Sarawak since 1975, and not many people know that she has taught in Kai Chung School in Bintangor I(originally Binatang). Although some students have already found her on Facebook recently many may like to find her by other means. It is interesting to note that most Sarawak students like to find their teacher and thank them in the later lives.. Hence school reunions are very popular and I have also noted that many teachers get invited to their children's weddings especially in Sibu because the ties are definitely maintained for many generations.

Ann Chan Kit Suet (her full name) was educated in the Methodist Primary School from 1961 till 1966. She then went to the Methodist Secondary School from 1967 to 1973 which was then still an English medium school. After she completed her Upper Sixth she taught in Kai Chung School, Binatang, Kuching High School and SMK Binatang before she left for Canada to further her studies.

Today she is teaching in Auckland and is married to Singaporean Dr. Chin. She has two daughters and a son.

Several of her siblings are still residing in Sarawak while others are all over the world. Her father the late Mr. John Chan Yui Fei served a brilliant career in the Sarawak Education Service as an Education Officer. Her late father was also an alumni of the Methodist Secondary School and a former teacher .

Her family photo below still brings a tear to my much I would like to have such a  family photo taken with my dad and mum and grandmother in this manner. This is the kind of family photo most Chinese Sarawakian families would still take in the 21st Century!!

You can read more of her writing in the three blogs she maintains. She is such an energetic and prolific writer. Sibu should be very proud of her!!

And the good news is - she would want to connect with you!


Anonymous said...

mmmm...let me see,Ann Chin must the one standing 2nd from left. wonder who is the 1st standing from left - she got character unique in her ways too

- Ah Ngao

Anonymous said...

It is nice to see such a great family photo...not many of us have something like this in the past.

Congratulations to Ann Chin...good work!!

Sarawakiana@2 said...

(This is from FB for you Ann....) N. Ling : Seeing her family photo,I remember who Ann is.My sis,Shirley"s classmate and a yr my senior!!

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Ah are right...good guess.


Sarawakiana@2 said...

Dear Anonymous#2
I am also very fond of black and white family photos...

I am sure Ann would be happy to know your message...tq

Ann said...

Ah Ngiao,

You probably seen my immediate younger sis Dr Margaret Chan in person in Kuching, or saw her photo in the newspapers or on TV,

Margaret is "Prof Madya Dr Margaret Chan Kit Yok" of>, she also trains tour guides in MULU.

Ann said...

Thank you CY,

I am happy to connect with friends from all the places we met. I haven't blogged about my days in Sarawak. This is because I am in the process of writing a book of Life In Borneo.

Some of your readers might like to know my cousin Caterine Chan who was Deputy Principal in Methodist School. She has agreed to work with me on this book.

To those of you interested in a tour of the places I have journeyed, please do visit my three blogs.

But if you are interested in my book, this is the site.


Ann said...

Hi Nancy,

I connected with Shirley last year, she came to my house.


p/s I am on FB

Ann said...

I was born in Lau King How Hospital. When I came home, it was at Archer Rd so that My dad could walk to Methodist school.

My affiliation with Methodist school:My father studied and taught there, and I received all my education there. It is the best school.

Anonymous said...

wasnt all the housing quarters along Archer Rd were provided only to the public Govt servants then?There was this brick house on the corner block as u entered from the merry go round end that belonged to Mr Teo Siang Hai....wht a nice playground in those days.

Anonymous said...

Dear Ann

Congratulations for publishing a book. It is the family's 2nd book. As a child we used to live near the Sibu prison and thereafter Buloh Road. It was near St Mary's.

I await your second book title 100 years in Borneo. I am certain it will be a hit.

Your Brother
Joseph from Gold Coast Australia

Anonymous said...

p/s I was the cool kid with the necktie and long pants.


Ann said...

Here's the newspaper article.

Ann said...

Anonymous said...

wasnt all the housing quarters along Archer Rd were provided only to the public Govt servants then?There was this brick house on the corner block as u entered from the merry go round end that belonged to Mr Teo Siang Hai....wht a nice playground in those days.

To Anonymous,

I was born much before Mr Teo. Apparently I was born when a Chinese Sacred Heart woman teacher inherited her house from her Dad. Her husband also taught there. I can't remember her surname. we called her in Cantonese as GUI YEN.

I don't remember Archer road as govt quarters. A police Inspector Obeng lived there,.I am sure he rented it privately. Can't remember was it Mr. Teo's house.

As far as I remember, the Govt quarters started from Padang Rd, going future up. I am a product of the Govt Quarter's.

Does anyone remember BIYAN, apparently he was very good and high up in the football scene.

Ann said...

I mean born before Mr Teo built his house. Mr. Teo and my dad were good friends.

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Dear Anonymous...I must have forgotten about the house belonging to Mr. Teo Siang Hai...Yes there was this house belonging to a rich man..and at the other end there was a house belonging to Mr. Unchat. My uncle Mr. Tiong Chung Ching bought one of those concretised terrace houses. I think his family still owns that...behind the Methodist Girls' Hostel.

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Hello ..So you are Joseph with the swanky necktie..Nice meeting you!! But if one day I meet up with you I am sure I cannot recognise you ...someone has to introduce use and we will take a few minutes to get the connections straightened out. You have some really splendid sisters and brothers!!

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Dear Ann and others...Archer Road was named after Mr. Archer who was one of the residents of Sarawak. And there were so many Iban boys who were given that name Archer. The Hokkiens called the road Achad Lok...And I did not realise the name until the road sign was put up much later when the Methodist Archer Road Apartments were built in the late 60's. Miss Fries lived there and we had choir practices with her. I still remember my classmate Jenny Foo living in one of the quarters. She has a brother called David Foo - a very handsome senior in our school. I believe at that time he had a very beautiful girl friend with a fantastic name. Jenny could really sing!!

Ann said...

This paper did a feature article on me. The magazine comes free if you buy the New Zealand Herald, which is the highest circulated main stream newspaper in New Zealand.

It is the best advertisement I could get when the Senior consultant Dr Simon Rowley said," For health professionals, I would see it as essential reading."

Kit Suet

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Ann...that's a really good comment!! I will put the article on my blog later... said...

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