August 16, 2011

Manuel Rodrigues - Guitars which take my heart away......

I have always been impressed by people who play the guitar well.

The guitar is afterall a simple musical instrument which can be carried around easily. It has really been an instrument which has been "instrumental" in getting many of my girl friends to fall in love with the musicians!!

Perhaps it is the age old part of our culture - the guitar playing guy gets the girl...A good friend of mine recently told me that it is true in her case . In fact I have many other testimonies. So guys out there if you haven't found a girl friend yet...pick up guitar playhing...

However today I am bringing your attention to a fairly higher end of guitars which may cost up to Bru$6000!! "Using only the finest woods, and hand-forming each to precise tolerances, Manuel Rodriguez developed distinctive guitars fit for the world’s preeminent artists. Each instrument is as unique and individual as the musician who plays it." 

Manuel Rodrigues is a company that makes really good Spanish guitars. But the most interesting and iconic sign on the guitar is not the wood (which you cannot really t ell) but the design on it. The hole in the guitar is always decorated by Spanish embroidery design. What can be more Spanish than their embroidery?

This is such a great tribute to women's hardwork and traditions....I wonder how many men would design or invent an instrument and put their mother's or wife's embroidery design on it.

Some one thought that it would be a wonderful idea to give a guitar to the Sultan of Brunei for his birthday. He would have chosen a Manuel Rodrigues guitar for His Royal Highness.

Athough the guitars are fascinating and famous the high prices make them unreachable for most of us and we just look - or go window shopping. Every guitar made by MR has an intriguing needlework  design. And I think that it is this delicate Spanish art which makes the MR guitar a distinctive instrument above all the others.

Manuel Rodriguez has paid the greatest tribute to his wife in his life long endeavour of making good guitars. What a great mind! What love !!

Visit a shop selling MR guitars and look at the needlework patterns on them.....Cheers. Ole!


Ann said...

I am not musical, but my oldest daughter iis. she is learning bass guitar.

Sarawakiana@2 said...

How nice to hear that...she must be very talented in music...

Anonymous said...

i admired very much those Flamenco music played by the Spaniard guitarist( may be i was a male Flamenco dancer in my past life,* ..opps *

-Ah Ngao

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Ah Ngao...Flamenco dancers can make your blood race!! And you can fall in love with love just watching them dance together.

Yes..may be you were one in one of your past lives...hahahahah (do your feet tap? do your fingers snap? do your hips move?...... when the Spanish guitar is played?)

Free Bird said...

Psst.. you married a musician. So it IS true!

I suspect the ED of The Family has purchased one of these guitars or at least planning to - secretly? Flamenco and Spanish guitar playing can be very complicated. As long as your fingers are agile and quick, a player can make wonderful music. I've been trying out the basics, but still a challenge. My acoustic is a little too stiff for flamenco. Perhaps changing the strings might help.

I checked these guitars out online. The sounds that come from it must be amazing. Will listen to them on youtube when I get home tonight.
Perhaps one day, I shall find a Spaniard(or Latino) husband who is a passionate musician who makes guitars, or maybe someone who can buy the ED one if he hasn't gotten any :p. Wishful thinking. hehe.

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Well I am not sure that the guitar playing man who gets the girl is the absolute choice of a husband...But he does get the girl...hahahaha in almost 8/10 cases.

Anonymous said...

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