April 1, 2012

Brewster Lychee

What's the connection between the Henghuas of Sibu and Brewster's Lychees ?

The Rev. Dr. William N . Brewster brought the first two batches of Heng Huas to settle as agriculturists in Sg. Teku or the land north of Sg. Merah (Sibu) in 1912.

He was the man responsible for  importing the Brewster lychee to South Florida in 1903.Today the Brewster lychee (cultivar) is grown widely and can be air flown to many destinations. Between July and October most Mainland Chinese would also be carrying prettily packed gift boxes of lychees to friends and relatives. A very happy sight indeed at airports in Guangzhou or Xiamen for example. Today in Malaysia lychees sold in the markets are mainly from Thailand and Vietnam. We are able to enjoy this wonderful fruit because of one man who was responsible in bringing the hardworking Henghuas to Sibu in 1912.

Rev. Dr. W. N. Brewster(The Methodist Church  of Tien Dao Tong in Sg. Merah will be celebrating the  centenary of the arriving of the Heng Huas and the building of the Church in 1912..on May 22nd 2012. So if you interested or in any way connected to TTT please come and join the service and/or buy dinner tickets too from the Rev. Yek Siew Ching.Make it a memorable centennial celebration.)

The lychee capital of China is Putien where Rev. Dr. Brewster served as missionary until he passed away in 1916 on his way to a Methodist Conference in the US.

Dr. Brewster's ancestors and descendants have been missionaries all over the world.

Brewster Lychees


wenn said...

looks yummy..

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Hi..Next time you buy lychees from the supermarket in Ipoh check to see if they are Brewster's.

Thanks for visiting. cheers.

Ann said...

I prefer longan and rambutan to lychees.

My husband's ancestor home also had lychees. Confisticated by the communist.t

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Ann..Lychees are famously grown in Putien..Your water engineer's ancestors from Kwangtung near Putien? May be he can still claim back this land if the rule of law is established. And you can become Lady of the Manor.

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