April 20, 2012

Bubuk for Sale in Bintulu - CASH n CARRY

A photo essay.....

Bubuk or tiny shrimps - only found in Malaysian waters and especially near Bintulu and Miri
Fishermen set up their own stalls...10 kg. already weighted and ready...real CASH and CARRY...
Chinese red rice yeast already pounded finely for the colouring for beleacan
The fresh and lovely bubuk...sometimes it can be RM 30 for 10 kg...sometimes it is only RM10  for 10 kg...but  the best belacan is from Bintulu and you must never argue with any one from Bintulu about this ...5 kg of bubuk makes about 1.5 kg of belacan and it takes a few days to pound and dry in the sun - pound and dry in the sun....the stronger the sun the better the belacan....


  1. Interesting ! So local colour... ^_^

  2. love you article..sometime many youngsters take for granted on local events like the bubuk fiesta

  3. Yes...I love the pink...and the easy way the customers can take away their bubuk...less flies too when the bubuk is in the bags already.

  4. Dear Ida Puteri...yes people usually take many things for granted until the common they have become endangered or even disappear altogether...