June 11, 2012

Wash Basins created from Kuali - Sg. Bidut's Tang Kee

I hope my blogger friend Sarawak Lens will read this before he goes to Sibu....one of the nicer and more interesting restaurants in Sibu is Tang Kee of Sungei Bidut...Order their Fern Tops (Mee din) and their special chicken amongst other dishes. If you still like Siew Mai...they make big ones too...I usually like my siew mai full of sengkuang which gives them a nice crunchy and vegetarian bite.

The sweetness from sengkuang also gives the siew mai a natural sweetness..and no aji no moto is required.
Two wash basins add a creative ambience to the nice Tang Kee restaurant in Sungei Bidut in Sibu....

We had a good lunch thjere recently.
Interesting indeed!! Kudos to the designer!!

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