April 11, 2015

Sibu Tales : Corn Soup

Can you remember when your family started having corn soup as part of your meal?

Different people have different opinions about eating corn on the cob, or making corn soup.

Or eating ice cream with corn.

Here is a story of a Foochow guy who loved Ice Cream with Corn, made by Magnolia. He went overseas and when asked for his choice of icecream he automatically said, "make mine Corn flavour".

The serving staff was shocked and he said, "no such flavour".

We can learn a lesson from this. We cannot assume that everyone loves what we love, especially overseas. So we need to read more books about living in a new country. We have to leave our comfort zone or else we will be in for a cultural shock.

But now we are helped by globalization. Perhaps we can find Ice cream with corn flavour in Alaska or Russia.

Any way back to the topic of corn..it is really a very universal food. We Foochows love corn in soup, we can eat corn throughout the year on the cob. We even make a cooling drink from the hair (or silk) of the corn, which is very good for our kidneys.

And our ancestors did not waste even the cob. They had left behind a very important medical information. Boil the corn cob and the silk(hair) to help ease mild urinary tract infection amongst women..

So in summer, when we all suffer from excess heat in Fujian, we can drink lots of corn soup, corn milk shake, eat corn flavoured ice cream, and make tea from corn cob and corn silk.

We need not be embarrassed at all that we eat what chickens eat.

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