June 16, 2015

Sibu Tales : Begonia Face Powder

My mother has always been a natural beauty and had never owned a lipstick in her life.

As a very active school girl I was imaginative and had wanted to write plays to perform.

In fact I took part only in one play and I did use this powder to make my face white. Other actors also used it to make their faces white. Well it was an American play and we were supposed to be Americans.

My mum was very anti-make up and she was strict with us.

She had not wanted us to be fancy like the White Faced Women of the town (pseudonym for prostitutes), so we girls must never make our face white!!

Today we use this face powder as a silver polish.

And I do have a box in the drawer...well you never know when we may need to powder our nose, or our face.

Is indeed interesting how our mothers teach our good values and how strong these images can still come back to us after more than 40 years.

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