August 16, 2017

Sarawakian Local Delights : Malay Style Fried Noodles

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The Malay style of cooking noodles is slightly different from other styles. First of all, the ingredients like garlic, onions and ginger have to be pounded and made into a paste called tumis. This must be fried in quite a bit of hot oil for 3 minutes.

Then comes the other important ingredient , the chilli paste and tomato sauce which must be added in the next stage. Sugar and salt will then be added. Give it a taste. Mix well. Stir in chosen shredded vegetables like sawi, cabbage and bean sprouts , fry until wilted.

Finally add the noodles and mix well.

(Crack some eggs and scramble and mix with the noodles as a great option)

Garnish with spring onions, chillies, and top with sliced limes.

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