August 19, 2017

Sarawakian Local Delights : Kuih Bangkuang

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The people of the Baram, be they Chinese or non Chinese, have created as special kuih called Marudi Kuih or Kuih Bangkuang, which is made from bangkuang or digua or jicama.

The shredded bangkuang is seasoned with salt, sliced chillies, pepper. A rice flour batter is used to combine the bangkuang together. A special ladle which looks like a small round container is heated up by the hot oil in the kuali and the batter filled with bangkuang is placed in the ladle and lowered into the hot oil. When almost cooked, the kuih will float in the oil and another can be made. A few ladles can be used at the same time if the kuali is big.

This kuih is often served as a snack when visitors come for a visit or for a meeting.

Church gatherings in the Baram and Miri areas would always have this kuih as one of the snacks.

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