December 21, 2017

Sarawakian Local Delights :Sharks' Fin Melon Soup with Tahai

Tahai is a special product of Lawas of Sarawak. It is a dried fish harvested mainly from the Bay of Brunei.
This is Sharks fin Melon.

It is interesting that shark's fin melon is a rather new vegetable sold in the markets of Sarawak.

One amazing feature of the melon is how the vegetables will become fine shreds when prepared and cooked. It is a very delicious vegetable to cook as a soup.

In Limbang and Lawas, tahai is used to make the soup base for most soups. And to cook this new vegetable, many of the housewives use pounded tahai to make the soup base.

The best way to cook this melon is to prepare some chicken stock and boil some slices of this melon. It is sweet and delicious.

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