June 6, 2014

Guilin : The Ancient House and Longji Rice Terraces

My visit to Longsheng scenic area in Guilin was very memorable as I came face to face with a lovely women who was born in the year of the chicken (hence 70 + years old). My new friend from Sibu touched her face and then touched her face.No photo description available.

this sign language means "Your face is so smooth. No wrinkles..Look at mine!! I have so many wrinkles.." The older lady smiled and said something we could not understand. It was hard to understand the Zhuang language.

No photo description available.

This house is called The Hundred Year Old House or the Ancient House in the tourist map of Guilin and every day lots of people come to visit it.No photo description available.

We met occasional villagers who are coming and going ...and lots of local village (kampong) chickens.

this house is opened to tourists as an  eco museum as this ancient house has all kinds of jars, barrels, pots, and tools that still closely to the living of today’s Zhuang Minority. 

Many of the Zhuang houses stand 1000 meters on the hillside for over 1000 years since the Song Dynasty (960 -1297 AD)

Not a nail was used to build their houses. And all of them have pillars and three storeys.

This old lady is a descendant of the man who built this house and she now keeps the house for tourists. She sells silver ware which is a famous product of the Zhuang people. Besides she also has a bit of sundry goods for sale.

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