May 26, 2017

Foochow Tales : Liew Kiew or Kuchai - a lovely bulbous vegetable

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This is a nice bulbous vegetables loved by all ethnic groups in Sarawak.

The Ibans call it Kuchai and do eat it raw, like in a kerabu or salad.
The  Foochows love it and cook it together with eggs or fresh prawns. The Hokkiens would make pickles out of the bulbs and eat them with porridge.

A neighbour grew a lot of it in the peat soil many years ago during the curfew days in Sibu. Because it could grow very fast, her family had it almost every day. We were also given a bunch every now and then. We were so grateful for the extra food which came free from across the road.

Image may contain: plant

We should always be grateful for gifts we receive and remember the givers for the rest of our lives. Thank you Ah Hang's Mother. May she rest in peace.


sintaicharles said...

With this mixed with eggs and made into an omelette I don't wish to have other dishes. Having it alone with rice can make me lick my imaginary paw with satisfaction.

Anonymous said...

Is hat what you call leek in English?

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