July 8, 2017

Sarawakian Local Delights : Chinese Radish and Radish Tops

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The Chinese lobak is easily grown in the loamy soils of hilly parts of Sarawak and by the banks of the rivers. Most farmers would have good harvests after a few months. It would be one of the first vegetables grown by students in boarding schools in the past. Many boarding school students remember selling their Chinese radishes to the school kitchen.

When I was teaching in SEDAYA, Kanowit, I also grew two plots of this vegetables as part of the school "Grow your own vegetables campaign" together with the school's Husbandry Club. After I harvested the radish I was able to give away to friends and relatives in Sibu. Unfortunately I did not learn how to salt and dry the radish then.

We had a good time learning about vegetable growing.

The Chinese lobak is a good soup vegetable and it is often cooked with dried squid or just any dried fish. One must never forget that the tops are also edible. In fact the greens are full of minerals and vitamins.

To me, the greens are tasty, with a bit of bitterness. The soup is very aromatic, refreshing and spicy.

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