September 22, 2017

Sarawakian Local Delights : Sweet Corn, PUmpkin and Pumpkin Leaves

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We were in the deep upper Rajang Valley doing a short term mission work in Ulu Kapit when our chief chef, Sister Lina cooked a wonderful soup made up of pumpkin leaves, sweet corn and pumpkin with some dried fish as soup base. That was my first encounter with this soup of three "sisters". Each component is a "sweet sister" according to Sister Lina.

Pumpkin by itself is a sweet vegetable and so are its leaves which have to be crushed to remove the tiny hair. The longhouse women are very good at crushing the leaves in a rattan tray. Soon the green looking leaves are ready to be added to the boiling soup of sweet corn. Last to be added to the soup is the pumpkin cubes, with skin on.

Each time there is an adventure available, one should take the opportunity to make a go. You will never know what is in store, be it culinary experience or something awesome. There will be so many things to learn once we have an open mind and once we can cross the cultural border.

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