September 11, 2017

Sarawakian Local Delights : Terong Iban with Tinned Sardines

The terong Iban or terong Assam is a very delectable and appetising although sourish, fruit to add to meat, fish, or even other vegetables.

When guests come unexpected and only a few terong Dayak are in your kitchen, this is one dish  made from tinned sardines and terong Iban can be served. 

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You don't have to peel the skin because the skin contains all the vitamins and other anti oxidants. Furthermore, when cooked the skin will peel off by itself.

The tomato sauce, the tinned sardines,  chillies,  onions and the sliced terong bring together a very memorable dish. It is a simple dish to prepare also.

Furthermore, children who need all the energy to run about, will love the sauce to go with their extra helpings of hot, freshly milled rice from the kamapong.

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