October 21, 2017

Miri Tales : Mee Sua with cangkok manis

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One local delight in Miri and Kuching is the use of cangkok manis in the frying of mee hoon or mee sua. 

According to a Bidayuh friend, this dish was "invented" by a resourceful cook who was interested in making his mee hoon "green". He first tried to use cangkok manis but the noodles did not turn green. He then blended some cangkok manis and took the green liquid to turn his mee hoon green. However today, after so many people have tried frying mee hoon or mee sua with cangkok manis, they take out the step of turning the noodles green. The taste is fantastic. The other ingredient is deep fried ikan bilis. the more the better.

However there is another story regarding the invention of mi hoon cangkok manis. Once there was a Colonial Officer who acquired the services of a very good cook. She was trained to cook many western dishes while at the same time she was able to please her boss with many of her own local dishes.

After the Colonial officer left Sarawak, she was enterprising enough to start her own stall. That was where probably the first mi hoon cangkok manis was sold.

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