October 25, 2017

Sarawakian Local Delights : Empit

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The empit is a Sarawak jungle nut which is very tasty.

Buah empit are also known as buah pelajau, praju, peladjau or emplelanjau.

The tree is of medium size and grows along many river banks e.g. Sg. Limbang, Sg Sibuki, Sg. Lubai, Sg. Panduruan, Sg. Berawan,Sg Tubai,Sg. Mendalam, Sg. Medamit, Sg Semena, Sg. Bawang, Sg. Paloi, Sg. Merit, Sg. Mendalam, Sg. Selidong, Sg. Adang, Sg. Kanowit, and Sg, Bakong. The floating nuts are collected from the smaller upper stream areas. Over logging in the past 30 years might have reduced the harvest of this very edible seeds.

The "furry" or protective fur of the fruits are separated from the edible kernels (cotyledons) after being soaked for a while.

Empit is sold in wet markets in Miri and Kuching. It can be stir fried on its own with garlic, chillies and ikan bilis. Or it can be added to other vegetables like pumpkin leaves,daun rambing, daun sabong and cangkok manis.

It makes a good soup too with prawns. Deep fried, it can be finger food for beer drinkers.

Its ID is Pentaspadon motleyi Hook.f. (Xiao Feng Huang)

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