October 6, 2017

Sarawakian Local Delights : Ikan Kembong

The weak ringgit and the fluctuating price of petrol have sent the price of ikan kembong sky high. The bigger ones are sold at 18 ringgit and the smaller ones at 16 ringgit. This fish was once considered "poor man's food". Nowadays instead of buying l kilo of fish many housewives buy half a kilo.

Ikan kembong or Indian mackerel is a tasty fish. It is very flavourful and tasty especially when cooked as a soup called Ikan Kembong Asam Pedas.

Fried ikan kemong is a staple food in Malaysia. Salted ikan kembong is always available in a Sarawak household. During rainy seasons when food is scarce, the salted ikan kembong is taken out, fried and eaten with a plate of hot rice.

Fried, salted ikan kembong are sliced in small pieces and served as part of garnish for nasi lemak, a popular breakfast dish.

Wrapped in banana leaves and steamed or baked, ikan kembong is very tasty and welcome by all, both young and old.

The South China Sea continues to yield big harvests of ikan kembong at the present moment.

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