October 14, 2017

Sarawakian Local Delights : Labu Putih

The Labu Putih is a good vegetable to eat, simply boiled with some pounded anchovies, it is a delightful and refreshing dish for the whole family.

The vegetable is easy to grow in the rural areas of Sarawak. A single vine or two can bring forth more than 30 or more fruits for the family and friends to share.

The gourd is white and easy to cut or even shred. It does not have much taste by itself so flavours would come from dried prawns or anchovies. It is seldom cooked with meat.

Many people have experienced that their indigestion and constipation could be relieved by consuming a lot of the gourd.

Image may contain: food

Image may contain: food

It is one of the most common vegetables known in human history actually.

When buying a gourd, look for its tip which should be fresh, with a bit of sap even. Its skin should be shiny and pale green in colour without any spots. This gourd comes in several shapes -round, pear, or even elongated.

Labu putih is also found in AFrica, India, Paskistan and China. In fact many people believe that this gourd must have migrated to Borneo Island via China. It can be prepared as a soup in China or as part of a curry in India and Pakistan.

In recent years its leaves and tendrils which are edible have been sold in tamus. They also contain lots of vitamins and minerals.

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