October 27, 2017

Sibu Tales : Burdock (1)

Burdock Root (牛蒡)

Some Pre Chinese New Year Memories.

When the supermarkets first arrived in Sarawak, people went crazy about burdock roots.
A friend started buying the pricey burdock especially to make burdock chips.

Like all kiasu women, many women went to buy up all the fresh burdock in the supermarkets and indeed these burdock sold like hot cakes. A few disappointed housewives were in tears because they could not get any for the Chinese New Year. We heard a lot of gossip about women wanting to show off their cooking skills.

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Photo of fresh burdock roots from Google.

As for me, I am not a very kiasu kind of person. Even if I don't serve burdock chips I can still hold my head high. Also I was not that very informed about burdock any way then.

I comforted myself that probably a few million other mothers in this world also did not serve burdock chips for Chinese New Year.

And my skeptical uncle Hii had once said, " You won't die if you don't have...." That's a wise man.

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