November 24, 2017

Sarawakian Local Delights : Haruan or Leh Ngii

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1.7 kg. is quite a big fish, now costing  about 45 ringgit at least.

It is interesting how the haruan or leh ngii has always been eaten in the rural areas of Sarawak as part of a meal. No one in the past had actually considered it as a health giving special fish which could help in healing wounds.

Perhaps the Malays have thought of the haruan as a fish with healing properties.

Today many people have come to believe in the fish giving benefits to women after child birth. It is believe that eating the fish would also help reduce pain in wounds.

Many health product companies have in the past few decades produced essence of Haruan, in the same way as Essence of Chicken. The essence in bottles cost quite a bit of money.

The haruan is usually steamed and must be freshly killed for best effects. All haruans are sold live in the wet markets. It can also be fried and salted.

It is nice if cooked in a soup with lots of sour fruits like terong. A clay pot would be a good way of bringing out the best flavours of the haruan. I like it when shallow fried and than braised in soy beans and a sweet sauce.

The fish flesh is white and has no smell.

Yes ago the haruan swam freely in the clear streams and not many people actually looked for it.

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