November 11, 2017

Sarawakian Local Delights : Ikan Sultan, Upa Kechala, and Bunga Kechala.

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Ikan sultan is a very bony but tasty fish. It is a fish that is sold either fresh or frozen in most markets. A cousin is Ikan Padi which comes from most rivers in Sarawak also. The bigger cousin of Ikan Sultan is the wild Jelawat which is a prized fish in most of the rivers in Borneo, especially in the Kapuas. Ikan sultan can also be commercially reared in fish farms or cages in rivers and lakes.

A good way of cooking fresh ikan sultan (around 1.5 kg) is to slice it into steaks and braise with wild torch ginger flowers and stems which will take away the fishy smell.

The sauce is very appetiizing especially when mixed with freshly cooked hot rice.

One has to be very careful with the fine bones of the ikan sultan.

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