November 18, 2017

Sarawakian Local Delights : Paku Ikan with Pork

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When you have guests and your only vegetable is paku ikan at the back of your house by the river side, you can always create a lovely dish with pork, mushrooms and paku ikan, a recipe I took from Google and I have cooked it a few times as suggested by the chef..

When visitors dropped by and my friend and I decided to cook with what I have in the fridge. Frozen pork was taken out and thawed as we foraged for some paku. The two of us told each other that our elders would have done the same thing and friends dropped by in the olden days. They would have taken a look at what they had in the backyard and rustle up a meal in no time.

I had some kasam ensabi and kasam babi. Out of the kasam ensabi I had a lovely soup with pork bones. The kasam babi  was cooked with kechala flowers and kechala shoots, also from the backyard.

A fresh fish was obtained at the tamu not far from my house and we had it barbequed on banana leaves out in the backyard. Fresh fish is nice and easy to prepare.

We made a salad with big onions, chillies, kechala flowers, dried prawns and slices of cucumber.

A huge omelette was made with some chives growing in the pot.

that's for a fast dinner with good friends who "don't mind anything". The paku ikan and pork dish was a winner......

It was a happy get together.

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