November 15, 2017

Sarawakian Local Delights : Pedalai

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The Pedalai is a fruit which is known as the cousin of the terap, a very sweet, fleshy equatorial fruit only endemic in Borneo Islands. After the flesh of the fruitlets are eaten, the seeds can be boiled as a lovely snack with just a bit of salt. It is full of good protein and carbohydrate.

the tree is a huge equatorial tree which grows more than 150 feet tall. So far commercialisation of this fruit tree is not known in Sarawak.

The Ibans do know where some of these fruits are grown and wait for their fruition. Usually the fruits are plucked when they are a little ripe. Fruits which have fallen to the grown cannot be eaten any more as they are too ripe. Since the trees are very tall, only the best climbers can get to pluck the fruits. Hence the pedalai are not commonly found in cities and towns.

Lingga, and some of the more rural bazaars would see some of them brought to the native market from time to time. However with the rapid rate of deforestation in the state, this wild fruit may be near extinction.

Artocarpus sericicarpus

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