December 24, 2017

Kuching : Remembering the Hawkers of Satok Market

The Satok Market was a kind of must visit venue for years in Kuching. It was a sprawling market place where people could find the best of bargains. To many it was a good place to make a living. Different races came together to provide colours and diverse traditions to this spot in Kuching. In fact for many it was a part of Kuching which "made Kuching". With the Satok Market many felt that a part of their life was gone.

And so the Satok Market was moved to Kubah Ria. And an era of "marketing" for many Kuching people was removed from the social history and map of the city.

These are some photos I took many years ago....

Christmas is a time for nostalgia, a time for memories to be taken out to shared.

Wonder if all these friendly and helpful vendors are still around and enjoying their business.

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