December 1, 2017

Nang Chong Stories : The Bombing of the Chung Cheng School

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Upgraded and Modern Facade of the Chung Cheng School, where my mother and her siblings received their education

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Chung Cheng School.1957

During the 1970's when I was studying in Kuala Lumpur away from the curfew days, I worried about my aging maternal grandmother who lived in Nang Chong and my cousins who went to Chung Cheng school on foot. Life was difficult as the curfew could be imposed any time by RASCOM.

Food had to be stored, but not too much because the soldiers could check. There was a campaign to curtail all movement of food supplies so that the CCO could not get their food supply from sympathizers. All food flow was recorded and monitored. Motor launches were blocked and checked . This was to starve the CCos out of the jungle!!

Gun fire was not uncommon. One day several bombs were dropped around Chung Cheng School area and the kitchen was partially destroyed. God is Good. No one was killed.

For many days students did not go to school. Political turmoil caused interruption in school. Many of my cousins did not finish their secondary school education, while some were lucky to have relatives in Sibu. Upon transfer, they went to Catholic High School where they could complete their education. Catholic High School, a private school saved many Chinese youths of the Rajang. In those days it was hard to get into the English Mission Schools if a student's English was not good.


Anonymous said...

the rats went to different houses asking for food. the people who gave or did not give would both run into trouble. giving meant would risk arrest by the government because the surrendered rats usually confessed it to the police. not giving would anger the rats.
some victims reported it to the police and received cash rewards (I am not sure all of them had the intention of getting the rewards by reporting the rats). most citizens who were accused of cooperating with the police were killed by the rats; the rats even knew their cheque numbers. the rats usually murdered the persons in front of their houses as night fell. it was really a period of instability.

Anonymous said...

Understand from a former teacher form Chung Hua Middle School that spent bullet shell were all over the school compounds and students would pick them and made them into necklaces!

Anonymous said...

The so called communist movemnet was actually a separatist movement or ndependentist. Because it obtained its support from the socialist bloc during the cold war!

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