December 19, 2017

Sarawakian Local Delights : Daun Bungkang

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I have this tall tree of about 75 feet tall and birds come each morning to sing, probably the tell the tree to fruit quickly. I enjoy the bird song and especially the arrival of the blue kingfisher which will cry out to its mate to come and dance.

The sighting of the kingfishers make my day.

The leaves provide a special taste to my cooking, if I have a piece of wild boar meat or just some kind of pork from the town, or a chicken .

Life is lovely when you have your own bungkang tree and you can even give away some of the leaves to friends who ask for them. And you live in the suburb of a resort city.

In most cases, one can only find bungkang trees in the kampongs. The original, and wild bungkang trees can be found in the jungles of Sarawak if they have not been taken away by bulldozers which cannot recognize original native trees.

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Anonymous said...

I am extremely anxious to know the bungkang leaves can be eaten. Is it the branches are used as catapults by young children in the olden days????
If that is, this type of trees/plants are gem and we never know it!!!!
I only understand it is a very hard wood tree as my brothers used to make catapults in the early 60's....

Your articles are really recalling sthg of the past... so wonderful ...

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