December 28, 2017

Sarawakian Local Delights : Emplams

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A thick paste/chutney made from cooked emplam with spices, chillies and salt.

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These are Sarawak mangoes which are usually eaten when they are still unripe. Once they are too ripe, they are not so tasty. Emplams are a bit like buah kedundong, and are often used in the making of Rojak.

Emplams are mangoes which are found mainly in Sarawak. It is a fruit that won't grow too big. It has a big stone. It is best eaten when it is still unripe. Most of the time it is served as part of ulam or part of rojak. Shredded it can be cooked and prepared as a kind of chutney. It will be really nice eaten as a salad loaded with pounded dried shrimps, chillies and belacan.

Many years ago before the fruit was introduced at 5 Star hotels as part of their kerabu dishes, the emplam was considered poor man's lunch item alongside ikan bilis, salted fish and raw cucumber. Today the price of emplam has gone up and might even be unaffordable by some of the poorerst people in Sarawak!!

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