December 6, 2017

Sarawakian Local Delights : Peanuts and Nasi Lemak

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Nasi lemak means coconut rice, with a sambal made from chilli and onions on the side. It is topped by deep fried bilis or anchovy, peanuts,slices of cucumber and half an egg or one full egg.

It is the national dish of Malaysia and is beloved by all the Malaysians, including many overseas people. The ingredients are considered "humble"as they have always been food eaten by "ordinary" people.

The sambal may different from region to region, from household to household. Some prefer the sambal to be sour, others sweet, and some even come up with extremely spicy ones. However a touch of tamarind juice makes a lot of difference to the total overall taste of the sambal.

The chilli oil gives the plate of rice its iconic colour.

Nasi lemak can be sold in the roadside, pre wrapped in banana leaves to give it a special flavour. It can be offered as special national breakfast in five star hotels. Nasi lemak is best prepared at home by the loving hands of mothers. In school canteens, nasi lemak is often the most well loved and nourshing snack.

It can have add on side dishes like rendang, curry, fried chicken, or even other kinds of vegetables like the water spinach (aka kangkong) and long beans.

But the most important characteristic is coconut milk which makes the rice extremely special or lemak.

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