December 4, 2017

Sibu Tales : Duck Blood and Nanjing Noodles


When we were young and visited our Ngie Mah very often, we were exposed to the food customs of the Minqing people. 

My Ngie Mah being China born and my aunts being very frugal, duck blood, pig's blood and all the internal organs were common dishes on the table. We were never queasy about these rustic food. Duck soup was especially tasty, fresh from the farm.

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My grandmother's favourite dish was duck blood cubes, toufu and beansprouts fried together. She would say that such good ingredients should not go to waste.

And naturally we would see how Third aunt would easily cut the throat of the duck after plucking a few feathers from the neck of the poor bird. Before the actually slitting, grandma would put some salt and water in a basin....We would watch the blood dripping from the neck. And soon a basin of coagulated duck blood would be on the stove. This massive piece of exquisite item would be turned into the kuali ready with hot water. 

The blood cake would be cut into cubes and cooled.

A large duck (serati or chuong nguang) would actually provide a lot of blood.Image may contain: bird

The blood cake would be cooked with bean sprouts or any other vegetables available or even on its own, or just simple kang kong, which is readily available in Miri at the moment.

A favourite way of using the duck blood then was to eat it in our Hoong Ngang or rice vermicelli soup. It was only years later that I learned about Nanjing Duck Blood Noodles.

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